Coronavirus COVID-19

Worldwide attention over the Coronavirus turns to become a concern especially in America where in recent days are reaching more than 1,700.000 confirmed Covid-19 cases. Now, there are many companies in the nutraceutical industry implementing procedures to handle the pandemic making uncertainty promises about using supplements and natural remedies to fight the Coronavirus.


Re.: CDC Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Groups at Higher Risk for Severe Illness


    COVID-19 is a new disease and there is limited information regarding risk factors for severe illness. Based on currently available information and clinical expertise, older adults and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions might be at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19.


    Why you might be at higher risk

    People with a weakened immune system have reduced ability to fight infectious diseases, including viruses like COVID-19. Knowledge is limited about the virus that causes COVID-19, but based on similar viruses, there is concern that immunocompromised patients may remain infectious for longer than other COVID-19 patients.


    As we all know that specially under this circumstances the immune system play an important role for those that are preventing or affected by this new virus that cause Covid-19.

    • Here are some of the natural interventions that Biomix will consider that may help with prevention: Research has shown that some functional foods can help fight flu symptoms, virus and infections.


    Improve Your "Biological Immunity"

    The more immunity-boosting habits one can adopt, the better your chances of staying healthy.


    • Based on scientific research and studies Nutrient deficiencies are common. Biomixplus uncovers what your system needs for optimal immunity.*
    • Biomixplus can reduce your risk significantly - especially if you have any underlying health issues such as respiratory disease, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, heart disease - or are of advanced age.*

    Biomixplus improves your biological resilience so that you will be less susceptible to infections and virus like Coronavirus.  What’s more, if you do contract an illness, our immune-modulator program can significantly reduce its severity and duration. Our program is based on scientific research and is the result of flu, virus and infections studies.*

    The more immunity-boosting habits you can adopt, the better
    your chances are of staying healthy.*



    Whether it’s the Coronavirus, or just seasonal influenza, there are many things one can do to bolster their immunity. Not everyone who comes in contact with viruses becomes sick – generally, those with weaker immune systems are most susceptible.*


    Biomixplus offers an immune-modulator therapy with extremely potent combinations of the compounds. Practitioners are recommending to patients 4 specific combinations that significantly modulate and improve their immunity.

     The Building Block - patented products: 

    I) Immune 1st Response AHCC 750: Immune Support*

    Studies have been done in many prestige Institutions including:

    MD Anderson Cancer Center, Yale Medical School of Medicine, Harvard Medical School and the affiliated Faulkner Hospital, Drexel University Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology, SUNY Binghamton's Department of Biological Science, among many others.

    *AHCC amplifies your natural immune response by fortifying key players of the immune system, such as natural killer (NK) cells, cytokines, T cells, macrophages and dendritic cells.

    * In fact, AHCC has been shown to increase NK cell activity by as much as 300-800 percent.

    *(Immune System / Immunotherapy / Cancer / Infections / HPV / HIV- AIDS, Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer, Liver Health, Pancreatic Cancer, Leukemia, Chemotherapy Support, Virus, among others illnesses).

    AHCC have the ability to prevent and Aid in fighting infection disease and virus like  Coronavirus by modulating and improving the Immune System Function specially in the Elderly".*



    *AHCC is the world's most researched specialty immune supplementsupported by over 30 human studies, more than 20 years of use and by more than 100 pre-clinical in vivo and in vitro studies. It is utilized by over 1,000 healthcare facilities worldwide to reduce the incidence of infections in both healthy and immunocompromised patients, improve cancer patient outcomes, decrease chemo side-effects, help control HPV, infections, manage viral loads in Hepatitis-C patients and help those with liver disease.

    For a quick summary of the human studies on a particular condition, visit in our website: Research & Education page, click on the ingredient AHCC and select the condition to see the summaries of all the clinical studies on AHCC.*  


    II) Brocco 1st Response 600: Detoxification*

    The highest source of Sulforaphane is not the broccoli vegetable. The highest source is in specific BROCCOLI SEEDS, such as Brassica Oleracea Hopkins which is between 50 - 100 times higher in Sulforaphane than the mature vegetable or sprout.  (Hopkins uses our seeds for studies - Cruciferous detoxification / Protect DNA from Free Radicals / Post exercise recovery / Skin appearance, Brain function, etc. / the product is produce in USA and Germany)* 


    III) Curcumin 1st. Response: Inflammation Support*

    Compared with regular curcumin, Curcumin 1st Response is absorbed more quickly, has 10 times the bioavailability, and stays in the bloodstream longer. In fact, the special matrix keeps the curcumin from being rapidly excreted., delivering sustained release over 12 hours.

    (promoting a healthy Inflammation / MicroActive 12 hours sustained gradual release matrix into the bloodstream).*


    IV) Slim 1st Response: Antioxidant*

    (Oligonol supported healthy metabolic biomarkers such as visceral (belly) fat, weight circumference, body weight / normal fasting glucose level indicating healthy insulin sensitivity / normal cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure levels / positive impact metabolism / antioxidant / anti-aging).* 

    Polyphenols are antioxidants that provide a broad array of health benefits. However, most are poorly absorbed. Oligonol, features in Slim 1st Response, is specially processed to achieve a low molecular weight for easier absorption. That’s one reason why Oligonol won the prestigious NutrAward for the “Top Science-Based Product of the Year” in 2008.

    Remember everyone who may be exposed to COVID-19 to consult your doctor or appropriate healthcare professionals.


    Re. Coronavirus:
    Biomix  is taking precautionary measures in response to this developing public health impact by implementing safety protocols, including but not limited to the uses of mask, latex gloves, hair and shoes protection, increaseasing cleaning and sanitizing procedures for our offices, products and shipping & handling department.*
    that follows the CDC guidelines*
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